Install Patches/Updates/And Upgrades

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Install Patches/Updates/And Upgrades
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We will find the solution to your computer running slow.

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What you can expect:
  • Updates keep your system up to date with the fixs required to keep your machine running as best as possible, sometimes drivers (software which controls hardware) and actual programs that are part of your operating system require updates to add new features, improve on existing software and fix bugs and problems.
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  • Windows updates often introduce new features, while also fixing some known issues. A good example is Internet Explorer. Even if you don’t plan on using the respective software, you should still run these updates, considering they often come with significant improvements and you may end up being forced to use the software after all. Moreover, Microsoft will eventually cease support for outdated software, e.g. old versions of Internet Explorer. This means that if new vulnerabilities are discovered, they will not be patched, as users are expected to run the latest version of the program.